Subscriber Agreement

To obtain an Tyler Hawaiʻi Subscriber Account, read all the information of the online Subscriber Account agreement carefully, complete, electronically sign, and submit with required documentation.

Subscriber Agreement

Required documents to upload

  • Organizations: A valid State of Hawaiʻi Certificate of Good Standing (COGS) or equivalent issued by a different state. A COGS may be purchased from Hawaiʻi Business Express.
  • Sole proprietors: A copy of the General Excise Tax license

Additional documents to complete and upload will be provided by Tyler Hawaiʻi for certain services to enable.

Private citizens and sole proprietors require Tyler Hawaiʻi management approval.

Government agencies may need to request and submit proof of approval to access other agency data.

The organization/private citizen/government agency (account holder) of the Subscriber Account and Hawaiʻi Information Consortium, LLC dba Tyler Hawaiʻi (Tyler Hawaiʻi) agree that the provision of services from to the account holder and each registered user on the Subscriber Account agreement will be subject to the terms and conditions in the agreement. The account holder will ensure each registered user on the agreement has reviewed and agrees to the terms and conditions in the agreement.

The authorized signer agrees to the terms and conditions of the Subscriber Account agreement. If the authorized signer electronically signs on behalf of an organization, the authorized signer represents that the authorized signer has the authority to bind the organization to the agreement.

If you have any questions regarding information contained within the agreement, please contact Tyler Hawaiʻi via our online form.