Purchase Bulk Traffic Abstracts

Becoming a Bulk Traffic Abstract and Monitoring Customer

In order to access Hawaiʻi Traffic Abstracts, commonly known as driver records, via the online service (called Kalaiwa), you must create a subscriber account with Tyler Hawaiʻi.

Documentation Requirements:

Each prospective customer is required to submit the following documents and materials before they are able to start sending requests:

  1. Official request to access the online traffic abstract application on company letterhead signed by an officer of your company and a Certificate of Good Standing from the state in which your company is incorporated.
  2. Completed Tyler Hawaiʻi Subscription Agreement with initial payment of $75.
  3. Completed request form to purchase Judiciary bulk traffic abstracts online.

Once all documents are submitted, Tyler Hawaiʻi will contact you when your application is approved.

Process for Accessing Bulk Traffic Abstracts


Listed below is the step-by-step process of a typical bulk file traffic request. Complete user documentation will be provided upon approval of your status as a new abstract customer.

  1. Log in to traffic.ehawaii.gov.
  2. Submit request(s):
    • Using the web form for single requests, or
    • Using the upload form for multiple requests. (Note: Files must comply with Tyler Hawaiʻi’s xml format)
  3. Responses will be posted on a server for retrieval.
  4. You will be billed via ACH or Subscriber Account $23.00 per abstract.
  5. You may download the resulting xml response via the web interface.
  6. All data retrieved is for a single use only. The data may not be resold multiple times.

* Driver history lookup service is available to all abstract customers at $0.15/month/driver. If a Judgment to State disposition is found within the look up period, a full abstract is ordered automatically.

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