Made in Hawaiʻi

Buy Hawaiʻi, Give Aloha

This site is all about showcasing authentic Hawaiian businesses and brands. When you Buy Hawaiʻi, Give Aloha, you help support local companies, strengthen our local economy, and create jobs.

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Agricultural Marketing Programs

The HDOA Market Development Branch‘s mission is to facilitate the development of the agricultural industry through the expansion of new and existing markets, by sponsoring or participating in numerous projects and activities.

Buy Local, It Matters

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Hawaiʻi heavily depends on imported food. Spend with aloha to keep our money and jobs in Hawaiʻi.

Hawaiʻi Seal of Quality

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True Hawaiʻi-grown or Hawaiʻi-made premium products with over 51% Hawaiʻi ingredients will qualify for this program.

Made in Hawaiʻi, With Aloha

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Differentiates Hawaiʻi products from products made elsewhere yet called Made in Hawaiʻi. 51% or more cost must be incurred in the state.

Hawaiʻi Agriculture & Food Products Database

Consumers can use this site to search for Hawaiʻi-grown and Hawaiʻi-made products and vendors. Vendors interested in having their products appear can use the signup form to submit their request.

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Made in Hawaiʻi Festival

This annual three-day extravaganza in Honolulu features nearly 400 exhibitors selling food, clothing, arts and crafts.

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Farmers Markets

Farmers’ markets are a great way to get your hands on locally grown, farm fresh produce.