Data Services

Many data services are provided for companies that wish to have bulk access to information. All services with an asterisk (*) require a subscriber account prior to use.

  • Business Entity List Builder ($.05 per record) - Build and purchase a list of businesses registered in Hawaiʻi based on the criteria you enter.
  • Bulk Business Entity Data * ($1,000 per month) - All Hawaiʻi business entity information downloadable in bulk electronic format.
  • Driver Monitoring * ($.15/person/month) and Violation History * ($23 per record) - Driver violation history in bulk electronic format.
  • Bulk Covered Offender Data ($100 per download, updated weekly) - Download all covered offender data for the state of Hawaiʻi.

For further assistance concerning data or subscriber services, please contact at or by calling 808-695-4620.