Charting the Course for Hawaiʻi's Recovery

To address the economic and community impact of COVID-19 and coordinate recovery efforts, Governor David Ige issued a Proclamation on April 8, 2020 to establish a Hawaiʻi Economic & Community Navigator to coordinate, direct, and implement a statewide economic and community recovery and resiliency plan.

The Plan will consist of three components which will run concurrently:

  • Stabilization - Identify and address critical economic and community impacts, including the allocation of State and local funding to mitigate the collapse of key economic sectors. Also, provide direct economic relief to individuals to avoid homelessness, hunger and sickness.
  • Recovery - Identify and support economic and community development activities which provide recovery, job growth and capital investment in the economy. Chart a course of careful re-entry into the workforce, balancing the needs of public health and economic recovery.
  • Resiliency - Re-evaluate Hawaiʻi’s economy to meet the new normal and desired future for Hawaiʻi. Identify and invest in systemic changes in the economy and society that further economic diversification, environmental preservation, and Hawaiʻi’s values and way of life.

While speed and expedited decision-making is required, input from key stakeholder and sectors are essential. The following collaborative and community-based activities will include:

  • Business and community sector leads will identify issues, needs, solutions, data and information dissemination
  • Engage in cross-sector planning with business, labor, non-profit and governmental entities
  • Collect and rely on fact, data, information and analysis as a basis for decision-making.

Hawaiʻi’s Economic and Community Recovery Navigator webpage provides resources and information to residents and visitors regarding COVID-19. The site hosts a “Reopening Status” page that gives residents up-to-date information about allowed activities during the COVID-19 crisis, sector-specific health guidelines, and actions every citizen must take to protect public health. The page also has 14 pages with sector specific resources (e.g., resources for agriculture sector to cope with COVID-19) and 9 population specific pages (e.g., resources for veterans to cope with COVID-19).

As a result of the in-shelter restrictions, national and local economies have been severely impacted as financials markets, trade and commerce, and tourism came to a halt. COVID-19 will require all of us to revisit our core values, strengths and resources to meet the challenges now and in the future. In many respects, COVID-19 is a global re-set and re-evaluation of life as we know it. As communities rebuild their economies and systems, it is also an opportunity to re-evaluate our values and vision and how that manifests itself in our economic and community future. As part of this planning process, Hawaiʻi will have unique opportunities to reshape our future and our destiny.

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